Irfan, a notable performance designer for many successful films and television shows, and Programme Director with Actorism®, has character-trained countless actors over the years, many of whom have won awards from their performances.  Some of his actors have trained with highly reputable acting schools in India and abroad, others are absolute beginners, but it is Irfan’s in-depth coaching which has made the difference from a good into a great, award-winning performance, whatever the level or background of his students.  Great acting should not seem like acting at all.  It needs to be perfected to make it look natural and believable – “the toughest thing in acting is to act normal”.  Some talent may be enough to get the average actor through the door, but to make a successful, sustainable career from acting requires specialised coaching, commitment and passion.  This is where Actorism® and Irfan Hossein steps in.

I am a Performance Designer and  Acting coach from the mystical land of India… with an acting experience of 25+ years. I have spent a better part of my life practising various acting systems from the world over. Still feeling the void left to fill, I turned towards ancient Indian literature and meditative practices to guide my gift to newer horizons.I have incorporated modern performing arts, with ancient Indian techniques from the Natyashastra(5000 years old book on acting ), the Vedas and different meditative methods to bring out a holistic method to help actors evolve and improve their performances.I have now created my own acting system (Actorism), hence I am now keen on sharing my gift with the World. Actorism has helped actors evolve and improve their performances substantially. methods of acting are scientific and psychological in nature, I wanted to add the missing spiritual side to this. Actorism encourages you to drop your mind and let the heart take over. We need to take ourselves to an unknown, to be able to challenge ourselves. when we follow our heart, that is the only device that connects us with the Divine essence; we feel the river of serenity & sensibility flowing inside, taking us to the sea of our purpose. it’s not difficult to achieve this status. we do make it possible through meditative techniques .the shifting of mind oriented ideology to heart-led actions. The mind gives us dedication while the heart provides devotion to a certain cause. Dedication takes us to a certain distance but devotion may get you the impossible.