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Character Building &Role Creation Training Module

By Irfan Hossein

The Journey to Creative Excellence:

 The pursuit of creative excellence within the realm of acting is a never-ending journey that often involves an actor’s willingness to seek guidance, embrace vulnerability, and continually strive for compelling performances. Actorism, an advanced learning module created by Irfan Hossein, serves as a perfect illustration of the concept of guiding actors to identify their strengths and weaknesses in order to enhance their performance. This module emphasizes the value of self-assessment as a tool for discovering one’s unique attributes, while simultaneously unveiling growth areas that may require additional focus. This process encourages actors to develop a strong understanding of their potential and capabilities, recognizing the areas that require improvement while simultaneously acknowledging their inherent strengths. Moreover, this methodological approach places significant emphasis on exploring the emotional depth of an actor’s characters, allowing for deeply nuanced and moving performances. This is a crucial aspect that distinguishes great actors from the mediocre, as those who invest time and effort in building emotional connections with their characters are able to portray them with Greater authenticity.

Hollywood history is replete with examples of top actors who have turned to acting coaches to elevate their performances to the next level.

 Acting is much like alchemy, the mystic art of transcending the ordinary to reach an immortalized essence of emotions and stories. Actors are the vessels of this transformation, and much like the golden transformations of alchemy, it requires mastery. Several top actors of Hollywood openly acknowledge the significant role their acting coaches have played in their careers. 

Meryl Streep, the powerhouse of talent who engrossed audiences with subtle performances, often pays tribute to her acting coaches. She credits them for helping her explore the depths of her characters artistically and empathetically. Streep suggests that her coaches served as her lighthouse in the storm of characters she embodied, enabling her to perform with precision and resonance. The profound character work done by Streep in films like ‘Sophie’s Choice’ or ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ beautifully manifests her coaches’ guidance.

Hugh Jackman, globally recognized for his portrayal of ‘Wolverine’, insists on the importance of acting coaches. He believes that coaches bring objectivity to the actor’s work, facilitating memorable character-building. His performance as Wolverine, where he deftly alternates between ferocious and vulnerable, reflects the nuances fostered by coaching.

The prima donna Amy Adams attributes the formation of her memorable characters to the wisdom of her acting coach. The dynamism she garners to represent characters, as seen in her transformation from a Disney princess in ‘Enchanted’ to a stern linguist in ‘Arrival’, is a testament to her coach’s profound influence.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s legendary performances, be it as a resilient frontier explorer in ‘The Revenant’ or a fraudulent stockbroker in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, spring from the reservoir of skills instilled by his coach Larry Moss.Larry Moss has coached  many of our top stars including Helen Hunt, Hilary Swank,, Tobey Maguire, Jim Carrey, Jennifer Garner, David Duchovny, Tea Leoni and many more.

These instances demonstrate the extent to which even accomplished actors recognize the necessity of continually learning and evolving, regularly leaning on the wisdom and expertise of acting coaches to achieve exceptional performances. By granting actors the tools and insight required to fully immerse themselves in their characters .Coach helps actor to take a scripted, two-dimensional character and breath life into it.

August 2023 Edition 


methods to organize your career as an actor

We prepare you play

The goal of technique is to enable the actor to create specific characters in specific circumstances and through those characters to communicate the themes of the play.An acclaimed method for improving the actor’s sense of mental and physical ease and flexibility. This technique provides a means to change unconscious habits of excessive tension into an integrated, poised use of the whole Self (mind, body, especially concerning breathing and voice).Students will receive hands-on guidance from the teacher in order to identify their own habitual movement patterns. This awareness provides a great sense of openness and ease, optimising the actor’s potential. The actor learns to use the technique in performance to develop their craft.We deeply investigate character and the process of deepening an actor’s character work, through a series of exercises and work on actual scripts.It is a class to explore freedom of imagination and experience acting.


“Preparation includes dissociating your self from your personality, to think from your heart and defy the rule of brain as a decision maker.”

Understanding of self.
The actor’s relationship to words and feelings.
Physical and mental relaxation within the circumstances. Creative Imagination as a major acting tool.
Non-verbal expression through character behaviour. Relationship with partners
Mental actions.

We identify your personality type, body language, habits, behaviour and instinct.
An analysis of past life is calculated with the student.
Once your subconscious is trained its easier to associate with new characters.

World class trainers who have been training students in Los Angeles, London and Bollywood are going to work with you. you need to compete with the worlds best.
You have to outdo yourselves. Kill your habit.

We can help you train under world class teachers in Los Angeles and London.


How to look effective on screen.
2- days of intense rehearsal for acting for the camera. We design your characters to act in a series of short films. stories of the film and staging will be done by our team. international style of training – maximum potential needs to be enhanced.
Scene training for the shoot

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ACTORISM” Great acting should not seem like acting at all. It needs to be perfected to make it look natural and believable – “the toughest thing in acting is to act normal”.

“The actor’s job is to take a scripted, two-dimensional character and breath life into it; creating a fully-realised, believable person who the audience is invested in from the very beginning.”

“As an actor, you need to have memories, anecdotes and backstories instilled within you to play your role as if it were your natural self, just ‘being’. Questions such as “who am I?”, “where am I?”, “where have I come from?”, what do I want?” and “why do I want it?” need to be asked of oneself.”

“Some talent may be enough to get the average actor through the door, but to make a successful, sustainable career from acting requires specialised coaching, commitment and passion. This is where ActorismTM steps in.